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Didn't receive our e-mail? If you are certain that you entered the correct e-mail address, you can fill it in below. If we can find orders for upcoming events, we'll send the email(s) right away. Please note that delivery of the email can take up to 30 minutes.

Self Service

On this page you will find an answer on the most frequently asked questions, tips if you didn't find our e-mail in your inbox and the possibility to resend your tickets by yourself.

Q: I haven't received the e-mail with downloadlink

A: In some cases it may take some time for the e-mail to arrive. If you haven't received the e-mail after 30 minutes, please make sure to check your SPAM folder first.

On some mobile devices/ apps, the SPAM folder isn't synchronized accordingly. If you're certain that you entered the correct e-mail address and you're using Outlook (Hotmail, Live) please check your e-mail account and SPAM folders online first. If you still don't have the e-mail, please proceed to the resend screen below.

Q: I can't open the PDF file

A: Please make sure that you are using an updated version of your PDF reader. You can use Adobe Reader for free, to download at

Q: I can't open the Apple Wallet ticket

A: Apple Wallet tickets only work in iOS, MacOS or using third party software available on Android.

Q: Do I have to print the ticket?

A: No, you don't need to print your ticket. We encourage you to show the ticket on your smart device. If you're using an Apple device, we suggest you add the ticket to your Apple Wallet.

Q: Do I have to print the ticket in colour?

A: While you don't have to print your ticket, if you prefer to do so printing in colour is not necessary. As long as barcodes / QR codes are clearly readible, it will be all fine.

Q: I paid for my order but the ticketshop says the payment status is unknown

A: In some occasions the payment confirmation from the bank(s) to our systems is delayed. If you don't receive an e-mail within 30 minutes after your payment, please send us a message with a screen capture of your payment attached. We will check your payment and send out your tickets right away if all is set.

Q: Can I cancel/ return my tickets?

A: It is not possible to cancel or return any tickets bought.

Q: The event is canceled, how do I get a refund?
A: When an event is canceled, we will inform all ticketbuyers by email. In case the event is covered by Event Protect (more info here), the email we send includes a unique link to apply for the refund. In other cases, the promotor of the event is responsible for providing refunds. Event Protect and/ or SimpleTicket can't be held liable/ responsible in that case.
Q: I need an invoice for my ticket(s), can you provide it?

A: We can't provide an invoice for your tickets. If you need an invoice, please request the promotor of the event for it.

Q: What is SimpleTicket?

A: SimpleTicket is an online ticketing provider, providing the technical solution to sell official tickets for events, festivals, seminars etc. We aren't the promotor of any event for which tickets are being sold at our platform.

Q: What happens to my personal details?

A: SimpleTicket saves your personal details on our secured platform, hosted at Amazon in European datacenters. We have access to your details in case you send us a support request, however we will never use your details for any other purpose unless you opt-in. The promotor of the event also has access to your details and may add you to their customer files.

Q: I have an other question

A: Don't hesitate to contact us, see our contact details below.

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