SimpleTicket Wallet

For a quick entrance.

When you go to an event, you would like to enter as quickly as possible. Next to that, we all like to work on a better environment.

To cooperate in making this possible, SimpleTicket offers a Wallet app. After downloading the app, you're able to add your ticket(s) quickly and easily to the app and there is no need to print tickets.

Are you attending the event with multiple persons and did you buy the tickets for all of them? In that case it's possible, as long as it doesn't concernt a group ticket which can be scanned multiple times, to forward the Wallet tickets easily to the others in your party. When everybody shows the app at the entrance with their personal ticket, a quick entrance is guaranteed.

Personalisation of tickets

For some events it's required to personalise your entrance ticket(s). This is also done in the SimpleTicket Wallet app, after the ticket has been added to the app it can be personalised. The details entered in the personalisation, will also be saved on our secured platform. Depending on the requirements of the promotor of the event, the following personal details may be processed:

  • First- and lastname
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Adress details
  • Phone number
  • Email address

In case the requested details are the same as the details of the person who ordered the tickets, you can choose to load the details from the ticket order.

Presenting ticket at the entrance

When you arrive at the event, open your ticket with a tap and show it. The screen brightness of your device will, if not already, be put to 100% automatically. This ensures optimal scanning conditions.

Be aware though: if your device, for example, has been dropped and your screen has cracks, there might be a possibility that it will be unable to scan your ticket. This is your own responsibility, entrance to the event can be refused if it is not possible to scan your ticket.

If you head back to the ticket overview screen of the app after scanning, the brightness of your screen will also automatically reverts back to the original value it had before opening the ticket.

What if you can't attend the event and the ticket is in the app/ has been personalised?

In the unfortunate case you aren't able to attend the event and want to give your ticket to someone else, while it already has been added to the app or has been personalised, you can release your ticket by deleting it from the app (swipe ticket to the right).

When you delete a ticket from the app, this is communicated to the platform. In case the ticket has not been used yet, it will be made availble to add to the app again (eventually on a different device). In case the ticket has been personalised, all details entered during personalisation will be deleted from the ticket immediately.

Health check

Due to the coronavirus, for several events it is required to ask questions about you, or your parties, health before entering the event. SimpleTicket has implemented this health check in the Wallet app.

In case a health check is mandatory, you can answer the health check questions in the app from two hours before your ticket will be valid. After answering these questions, your ticket will be available to be scanned.

As by European privacy directions (GDPR / AVG in the Netherlands), it is not just allowed to process details relating to a medical status. We therefore think it is important to inform you extensively about our design of the health check in the app.

The questionnaire you answer is drawn up in accordance with the guidelines of RIVM (Part of the Dutch Ministry of Health). The answers you provide to the health questions are in no way shared with SimpleTicket, the promotor or any other third party. Also within the app itself or on your device, it is not saved which questions have been answered and which answer you have given.

The health check in the Wallet app serves as a tool to ensure that, despite all measures, you can enter the event as quickly as possible and enjoy the event.

In case you do not (fully) answer the questionnaire, the background of your ticket code will be colored orange when showing your ticket. This means that an employee must ask you additional questions at the entrance of the event, after which the employee will determine whether you are admitted to the event.

SimpleTicket offers the health check to ensure that the entrance runs as efficiently as possible for both visitors and event promotors.

SimpleTicket can in no way be held liable for the use of the health check, or for the outcome thereof and / or whether or not to be admitted to the event.